Marquee Hire

Hiring a marquee for your wedding ceremony or reception makes a lot of sense, especially if you have plenty of outside space, but no enclosed area.  

Why Hire a Marquee?

Although an outdoor wedding sounds appealing to many couples, the British weather can't always be relied on, and having an indoor space as a back up is a practical form of insurance. Marquees come in a variety of sizes, and can accommodate up to several hundred people comfortably; in fact, you may be able to invite more guests if you have one. And of course, they can protect you and your guests from rain, wind and sun as well as provide a safe place for the gifts, cards, and the food. Most catering companies are used to working in a marquee, although it's important to make sure there are enough outlets nearby, as well as a water supply and enough entrances to enable them to function efficiently. If the ground is muddy, wet or uneven, a marquee can be invaluable, providing a firm and flat surface for all those high heels.

More Than Just a Tent

A marquee can be used to provide a space for dancing, or can be used as a temporary changing room for everybody to slip into something more comfortable. A marquee is also much more than simply an oversized tent; many come with decorative features, partitions, ventilation and windows, allowing light and air to enter. They are affordable, fairly quick and easy to erect and hiring one can help to make sure that your big day is enjoyable and memorable, and isn't spoiled by the weather. When it comes to Marquee Hire Surrey companies and companies all over the UK have plenty of tents and marquees from which to choose, although finding one that suits your budget and can accommodate your guests may take some research.

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Choosing a Marquee

Of course, size is going to be one of the most important factors, and making sure there is enough space not only for your guests, but for tables, chairs and everything else, is important. In general, it's better to hire something slightly larger than you think you might need; that way you can be assured of having plenty of room. Marquees come in different styles, and you may decide you want something that looks more attractive than just functional, or something that can easily be divided up into several spaces as needed. Don't forget to get a firm time from the marquee company when they will be setting up and dismantling the marquee; you may want to have it erected in plenty of time so it doesn't become one of those inevitable last minute tasks to take care of. And if you want to decorate the marquee or move equipment, supplies or food in there then you may want to have it up and ready a couple of days beforehand. Finally, make sure you get a quote for the cost of hiring your marquee and know what your options are if you had to cancel. For webmaster want to rank website in search engin, you can visit