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If for some incredible reason you have not been aware of the local food movement then you may find this word shocking.

Locavore is the New Oxford American Dictionary 2007 Word of the Year.  It refers to persons who only eat foods produced or grown within a 100 mile radius.  It’s a hot word and one you will be hearing more about.  Check out these two sites.

Although Locavore is a fascinating word this post might have been quite different if one of the runner up words won the honored title of 2007 Word of the Year.  For instance………

Cougar:  an older woman who romantically pursues younger men.  :)

On a more serious note, I wonder what low income, inner city families might think of this word.  After all, do they even have a choice?

Easy Holiday cheese hors d’oeuvres on WNYT

The last time I was a guest chef on WNYT (Channel 13) on the “Let’s Eat” segment I featured some ideas for hors d’oeuvres that………..

  1. Are easy to make.
  2. Do not take up precious kitchen counter or oven space while you’re cooking a meal for friends or family.
  3. Can be made ahead of time and simply plattered just prior to your party and set aside.
  4. Are not your average plate of cubed cheese with crackers.  You guests will love this!

Check out their website where my recipes are posted.  Questions?  Just ask!

Making a Classic Chocolate Sauce

There are a handfull of recipes and techniques you can perfect that will make you always look good.  One of them is a classic chocolate sauce.  Be sure to always use a high quality chocolate.  Your sauce is only as good as your chocolate! 

Watch this video from Callebaut.  Beverly Dunkley, head of the Callebaut Academy in the United Kingdom, shows how to make a perfect sauce.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to view it.

Carving the Turkey

You may find this vid on the NYTimes website very informative.  It’s of Ray Venezia, the meat director for the four Fairway markets, showing you how to carve a turkey.  Take a moment and check it out!

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