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Chef Heidi

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One of our events is featured in Well Wed Magazine

Well Wed Magazine is so beautiful you might not expect it to be informative.  But as you flip the pages you are very pleasantly surprised by all the wonderful articles and photos.  They feature a Spring/Summer issue and a Fall/Winter issue.  Both brimming with details and ideas. 

On page 129 of the new Spring and Summer Issue you will find an article of one of our events.  It’s a 7/7/07 wedding filled with color, great food and lots of personality.  Check it out!  

If you or a friend are a bride-to-be and would like to pick a magazine up you can get them from us.  Just send us an email!

Bolognese Sauce on WAMC

I have contributed some air time to one of my favorite radio stations, WAMC, located in Albany, NY.  They are amazing and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.  I’m a big supporter of Public Media so anything I can do to help out is OK with me. 

If you would like to listen to the segment of me making Bolognese please click here.  Scroll to “Hearty Bolognese” where you will find the recipe, a photo and a hot link to “listen”.     

Buon appetito!

Just when you thought you knew it all…………..

The culinary knowledge the average person now enjoys is due to the culinary movement of the last fifteen years.  It started with just a handful of people (like Emeril Lagasse) and blossomed into more than the TV, cookbook or magazine media moguls could have ever imagine.

I’m going to test your knowledge.  Whether you like sashimi or not chances are very good you are familiar with or have knowledge of sashimi.  But!!  Do you have knowledge of this?  Take a moment and check it out.

These are Geoducks (pronounced Goo-ee-ducks).  They are a mullosk (clam family) that are prized for their meat in Japan and adored in our Northwest for chowder and other dishes.  They can live to be over 150 years old and they are, well, interesting in shape and size. 

Watch the videos in the order listed. If you’re interested in a cooking class using Geoduck…..let me know!

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