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Chef Heidi

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Tis the Season

Tis the season for outstanding meals and BBQ. 

This year Adirondack BBQ is very heavy with bookings.  Adirondack BBQ is a company we began as a sister company to Black Diamond Caterers (BDC).  Michael and I are big lovers of real, regional BBQ (I use the word “real” because there is an abundance of shake-out-of-the-bag prepared BBQ meats for restaurants now and too many use them!).  We appreciate BBQ prepared in pits, smokers and slow roasters!  Obviously, many others feel the same way because there are weeks I barely have time to wash the smoke off.  We grill over natural charcoal wood which gives the food (and me) an extra special woody aroma.  My favorite is Texas style beef brisket with my own red BBQ sauce.  I smoke and baste the whole briskets for 12 hours!  Yum!

Track season begins in just days.  Our clients call BDC asking for all sorts of special dishes.  I love this side of catering.  I can really pull out the stops and let my culinary instincts run wild. 

Tomorrow night I’m serving a meal beginning with a White Asparagus Soup with Mussels and Pancetta.  Then I’m following with fresh quail from Vermont served with Truffled Yukon potatoes.  One of my favorite things to make.  It’s all in the sauce.  Cuban Skirt Steak is next, with a Sweet Potato, Black Beans and Chorizo Sofrito.  This sofrito will be full of sauce flavored with Poblano Peppers.  I’ll finish the dinner with fresh figs that are seasoned with cracked black pepper and simmered in a red wine reduction flavored with a healthy scraping of vanilla bean seeds.  Then I’ll stuff the fig with a raw milk goat cheese that is to die for.

 All in all, not a bad way to spend an evening!   

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