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It was the first gorgeous Saturday evening of 2009.  The breeze was light and warm.  The sidewalks were still warm from the day of sun.  We were catering in the downtown center of Glens Falls where beautiful old warehouses and factories are being restored and filled with flourishing businesses focused on moving into this new century with style and global awareness.  The area can only be described as “the village”, hip and full of energy.

Now and then I like to bring new items to events just to turn people on to them.  Only arriving earlier that day was my newest item, Black Lava Sea Salt from the Hawaiian Islands.  It is a glossy, beautiful black and the crystals are a smidge smaller than the French Sel Gris.  The salt is a blend of harvested sea salt and purified volcano charcoal.  This salt is evaporated in above ground pools that are formed naturally from lava flows. The striking color and smoky flavor overtones make it a perfect finishing salt.  The salt is rich in trace minerals and the charcoal offers detoxifying benefits. 

I served it sprinkled on mini lamb and chicken gyros on that perfect spring evening and the black speckles looked just great on the Tzatziki sauce. 

If you’d like to try some of this amazing salt I found a website that offers it and many other types of salt.  I, myself, cannot have enough salts.  They don’t say “salt is the spice of life” for nothing.

Hawaiian Black Sea Salt


Mannix Marketing opens the doors to their new Offices

This past weekend we catered an Open House for Mannix Marketing owned by Sara Mannix.  They just moved into a gorgeous 3rd floor spread in downtown Glens Falls, NY.  The building seems to be an old factory and boasts beautiful, wide-plank wood floors, lots of large windows and a soaring ceiling.  For some views check out these pics:

 Pictures of the new Mannix Marketing Offices

We were there to welcome the almost 200 Open House attendees.  We filled a 16 foot table with all sorts of noshing foods including Artichoke and Pancetta Antipasti, various thin-crust galettes like Shitake Mushroom with Gruyere Cheese, Potato Gnocchi in a rich Truffle Sauce and some of our very popular dessert shooters like Mango and Lime Custard Parfaits.  We also put out quite a few cheeses. 

Now, Michael and I are very into cheese.  We anticipate the arrival of new cheeses like some people await a baby.  One of the cheeses we featured was a blue cheese from Spain.  It’s a raw cow’s milk blue named Valdeon.  It comes wrapped in huge Sycamore leaves and weighs approximately five pounds.  This cheese is creamy and mellow yet intense and complex.  I think I’m in love and I’ll be keeping this one around for a while.

You have to check out this beautiful, tasty cheese:  Valdeon CheeseValdeon Cheese

Follow the DOG!


One of our corporate clients is having a training session next month and wanted to do something fun and different for the catering portion.  Baseball and  spring training came to mind.  As it turns out the corporate client is a huge fan and asked us to “just come up with something”.  Michael, my partner, put together a ballpark menu that will make anyone want to hear the crack of bats but the jewel for the event will be the dogs.  Not just any dogs but the Official Dog of the World Series Champions, the Philadelphia Phillies who wrapped up the title in five games.  Our client was thrilled. 

Hatfield generously helped us out by making a special shipment.  We’ll be serving them with all the fixings in hopes that a baseball game might break out.  The Phillies are very proud of their hotdog.  If you haven’t seen the video for their fascinating invention, the Hotdog Launcher, you need to check out this video.  It’s great! 

The Phillies’ Hotdog Launcher  

Since we serve many, many hotdogs in our Adirondack BBQ catering company, Michael and I decided to carry the Phillies’ dog for the entire year.  It certainly has a good story.  We even took it a step further and are considering using the official hotdog of each World Series Champion every year.  We will be ‘following the dog’ through the years.  The Series has a new meaning for us now.

You can have anything you want….

It shouldn’t take pinched food budgets to promote an interest in simple foods.  When it comes to the meals you make your family think of all the amazing foods the lower working classes of the world have made for their families.  Salads like Italian panzenella, Indian and Thai curries, Irish boiled meat and potatoes, amazing soups and stews like Vietnamese pho, American pot roast, German Sauerkraut, Spanish American Beans and Rice and so many more.A couple of quotes for thought: “Tomatoes and oregano make it Italian; wine and tarragon make it French. Sour cream makes it Russian; lemon and cinnamon make it Greek. Soy sauce makes it Chinese; garlic makes it good.”   -Alice May Brock, author of Alice’s Restaurant Cookbook, 1969. “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.”  -Adelle Davis (1904-1974), author of Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit, 1970


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