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Chef Heidi

Chef Heidi    |    Weddings

A Discovery

There is a part of me that does not want to share this perfect summer treat.  I want to keep it all to myself so I can enjoy it with selfish pleasure.  I want to smirk at you down the bar and know I am drinking the most amazing beverage I’ve had in ages. 

But I will share. 

Recently, Michael brought me to the Parting Glass here in Saratoga.  The Parting Glass is a famed Irish Pub with many, many beers on tap.  I started with a pint of Weiss.  I can’t remember the name but it was a very good one.  I completely enjoyed it.  As I was contemplating the contents of my next pint a couple further down the bar ordered two Guinness.  The lady asked for something to be drizzled in her beer.  My curiosity piqued I asked the bartender what this was all about.

Kathy, the bartender, asked if I’d like to try it.  I hesitated.  I’m not a Guinness fan.  But I’m a foodie and what is our motto?  We will try anything at least once.  “Sure,” I say.  She makes me a little glass and I sip.  I sip again.  My eyes open wide.  I’m hesitant to share with my husband.  I throw back what’s left and stare at the bartender.  “What is this?!” 

“The girls in Ireland drink their Guinness with a bit of black currant syrup,” she says.  “I had to take many, many trips to Ireland to get it right,” she quips with a smirk. 

The beer is complex with slightly sweet berry overtones.  My taste buds in the back, on the sides and on the tip of my tongue are all alive and wanting more.  I soon had a thick, creamy mustache.  Aaaahhh!

According to this beverage is named a Black ‘n’ Black.  Even though it may be popular with the ladies I have to say “who cares!”.  Men should definitely drink Black ‘n’ Blacks. 

To make this beverage at home I recommend Ribena Black Currant Cordial which can be found at Celtic Treasures on Broadway in Saratoga Springs.  And Guinness can now be found in most stores.  It has this wicked cool ball inside filled with nitrogen that explodes when you pop the tab to give the rich beer its creaminess without a tap in sight.

To find out exactly how this gadget ball works check out How the Guinness Gidget Works

I’ve shared my secret now go forth and enjoy!


Great Recipe for Your Party

I was on one of the best Public Radio Stations in the country, WAMC out of Albany, this morning.  If you’d like to hear and see the recipe click on the link below.

Because it’s a replay you’ll find the recipe for the Yellowfin Tuna hors d’oeuvre on the bottom of their page unless they move it to the top for viewer’s ease.

I will be doing a completely new set of five radio spots for the morning show on WAMC all focusing

on finger foods and hors d’oeuvres.   Coming soon!

Yellowfin Tuna on Cucumber


Summer Reading for a Foodie



I found a book that I have to share with you.  Let me give you a little peek and hopefully you’ll be inspired to search it out.

What if you were given a gift certificate to a cooking class?  What if you didn’t really want to go but decided to attend out of obligation? 

What if you were a very lonely person and discovered a cooking class.  What if you decided to go just to be with people? 

What if you were planning your wedding?  You completed all your premarital classes.  You made all your decisions together and were respectful of each other’s feelings.  What if a chef gave you the task of baking, building and decorating your own wedding cake?  What would be revealed in your relationship?  

To explore these “what ifs” further you must pick up a copy of Erica Bauermeister’s debut novel, The School of Essential Ingredients.  In her novel,eight people attend a cooking school, even though most have no real interest in learning how to cook.  Erica explores the relationship between food and emotions within the cooking equation. 

It’s a great read if you are a foodie.  Pick it up for your summer reading but don’t be surprised if you find yourself inspired to do a bit of cooking!


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