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Chef Heidi

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Luscious Hard Cider

Michael and I are big fans of hard cider.  And it seems there are many who feel the same way.  Today on NPR you’ll find a great story  on hard cider at Poverty Lane Orchard in New Hampshire.  Give it listen and it’ll make you smile.


It was shared with me by Hick’s Orchard in Granville, NY, my absolutely favorite orchard.  Maybe it’s because I used to live near by once upon a time and I could barely wait for the apples to ripen.  Hick’s Orchard is the oldest U-Pick apple farm in the state of New York.  Their orchard is charming, beautiful and very fun.  Their classic apple cider is a premium product.  We go out of our way to procure gallons for as long as it flows.  A few years ago Hick’s started Slyboro Ciderhouse and they’ve never looked back.  The motto on their website is “reviving lost spirits”.  They make three varieties of hard cider; still, sparkling and ice.  These beverages are not to be missed.  You can find places to purchase them on the Slyboro website.  Or go there yourself!  It’s well worth the trip.


Slyboro Ice Cider from Slyboro Ciderhouse

18 Hicks Road    Granville, NY

Cheese Please


Long, long ago in a land far away ………………cheese was born.  This happened around 3500BC.  Think about how long ago that was.  This is considered the Middle Stone Age.  A rudimentary form of the wheel was invented about this time.  The first domesticated animal, the ass, was adapted to be a pack animal at this time allowing long caravans which could carry items great distances for trade.  It was on one of these long journeys that cheese was accidently invented.  Milk was placed in a dried animal stomach for consumption and down the “road” the creator discovered curds and whey.  If that person could only know what he or she contributed to us.                                  

In the United States we find ourselves in an exciting moment in time with the Artisanal Cheese Movement.  It is hard not to notice the amazing cheeses being created in many states.  I believe many of the cheeses of this country will become as sought after as any cheese from Italy, France, Spain or England just as the world grew to appreciate the great American wines over these last decades.  The American cheese artisan has a fresh approach to cheese making that often involves twisting classic methods of the old world European varieties.  

Several of the cheeses I’m serving right now fit in that category.  Two are from Cowgirl Creamery in Point Reyes Station, California, and are among the hippest, award winning cheeses out there.  The moment the box arrives I have knife in hand and begin sampling.  Another favorite I have is a Twig Farm cheese from West Cornwall, VT.  I love to serve this rustic goat cheese with Wood’s Boiled Cider elevating it to a heavenly treat.

pierce-pt-cowgirl-creamery.jpg                           twig-farm-square-cheese.jpg


        Cowgirl Peirce PT                                Twig Farm Square


At our Rock the Holidays Extravaganza I will be featuring a large station featuring cheeses.  I will be creating a decadent Truffled Mac and Cheese.  I’ve been making this for some clients and it is unbelievably good.  From the Panini Grills I’ll offer a classic Aged Cheddar on Rockhill Bakehouse’s Sourdough bread and a Provolone, Hot Cappy Ham, Pesto and Roasted Red Peppers on Rockhill’s Onion Rye and, finally, I’ll have a Smoked Gouda, Sautéed Mushroom and Onion Jam on Konto’s Nan.  I have tried all of these a multiple times and the last one is my favorite!  Lastly, I will also be showcasing a cheese fondue “river” with loads of items to dip.  And as if that was not enough cheese, I will be serving small farm cheeses, including those listed above, alongside my Dessert Presentation.

Make an effort to discover American cheeses.  

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