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24 Gifts for the Foodies on Your List
  • Dec. 1    Foodie Gift #1:

A book- Let’s Bring Back-The Cocktail Edition AND a bottle of Bittermens Boston Bittahs. I listened to an interview with the author, Lesley Blume, and knew I had to have it! COCTAILS ARE NOW THE RAGE and these refreshed oldies will wow you. A must have along with  a bottle of Bittermens Bitters, a small batch producer in Brooklyn, NY. Superior products! If you don’t quite grasp the purpose of bitters…. Good Bitters are to cocktails what Good Salt is to food!

  • Dec 2nd    Foodie Gift #2:

Joseph Joseph products! Need a gift for a young couple or a spaced starved kitchen or for someone who loves clever design! Cool cutting boards like the Rinse and Chop, futuristic tools like the Fold Flat Grater and cool new TriScale Folding Digital Scale for weighing ingredients……really, really snazzy stuff!

Joseph Joseph | Stylish Kitchen and Cookware Accessories, Utensils and Gadgets
  • Dec 3rd     Foodie Gift #3:
 A beautiful Granite Mortar and Pestle from Chefs Catalog! Anyone who cooks or bakes has at one time or another wanted a mortar and pestle. Used for crushing spices, herbs, pesto, guacamole, nuts, dried chili peppers, salsa and even gazpacho! It is a heavy, quality piece that will sit pridefully in plain sight on any kitchen’s counter. Buy it…they will love you.
Shop Natural Granite Mortar and Pestle Set at CHEFS.
Natural Granite Mortar and Pestle Set
  • Day 4th     Foodie Gift #4:
Award winning Old Sin Dry Cider from Slyboro Cider House at Hicks Orchard. Slyboro makes fine hard ciders from assorted apples on their over one hundred year old orchard located in Granville, NY. This is a delight to pair with food at dinner or serve at parties. A pure treat for the palette and…..fits in a stocking!  Ships to your door.
Slyboro Cider House – Hicks Orchard
  • Dec 5th     Foodie Gift #5:
Vintage issues of the prized Chocolatier Magazine! An outstanding magazine no longer in print but still available. Each issue is a treasure of ideas and recipes from the pros. Perfect for that baker on your list! – Chocolatier Magazine – Title Details
Welcome to our Chocolatier Magazine list. We sell Back Issues, Used Magazines, Past Issues and Old Mags at competitive prices, we ship to most of the free world.
  • Dec 6th     Foodie Gift #6

Mapleland Farms Pure Maple Syrup! Located in the hamlet of Salem, NY on the VT border, Terry and David Campbell have been making premium Maple Syrup from the maple trees surrounding their family farm since 1972. Maple Syrup is coveted around the world for its uniqueness.  A wonderful gift for your foodie!

Maple Syrup, Maple Candy, Maple Cream, and Maple Peanut Brittle from Mapleland Farms in Salem, NY
  • Dec 7th     Foodie Gift #7

Bamix Immersion Blender! The power house of all hand held blenders, a must for every kitchen. There is no list of foods/recipes/tasks long enough that this piece of extraordinary equipment can’t tackle.

  • Dec 8th     Foodie Gift#8

Askinosie Chocolate! Fill a Chocoholic’s stocking with rich, fare trade, origin chocolate knowing each bar is made from beans delivered from a specific farm then roasted, ground and mixed at Askinosie. This company not only creates real chocolate not mass produced confection but also makes certian  the  farming communities benefit from their hard work.

Chocolate Bars | Askinosie Chocolate Bars
  • Dec 9th     Foodie Gift #9
Dean’s Beans Coffee! 100% Organic & Fair Trade, this coffee is sensational! Making relationships with each farmer on one side then offering exceptional service and coffee on the other. They are actively aware of their commitment to Real Fair Trade. You can create a customized blend and label for the Foodie on your holiday list!
Dean’s Beans - Fair Trade Coffee Fair Trade Coffee Roasters Organic Coffee Roasters
Dean’s Beans Organic Coffee Company is a fair trade pioneer in the coffee industry
  • Dec 10th     Foodie Gift #10
 Charles H Baldwin & Sons Extracts! Located in W Stockbridge, MA, this family company is over 100 yrs old! Exceptional quality, apothecary bottle styling and a nice selection….an assortment will be an excellent gift for the baker on your list.  Vanilla is the most popular but I am a huge fan of the peppermint and anise!

Charles H. Baldwin & Sons Price List
  • Dec 11th     Foodie Gift #11

Fagor Duo Pressure Cooker! Fast, easy and healthy cooking…cooks with busy lives can still create amazing dishes but in a fraction of the time. This quality, stainless steel pressure cooker comes in several sizes and is super easy to use. Pressure cooking is coming back in a big way and Fagor is the perfect gift.

Duo Pressure Cooker | Fagor

Fagor is a European cookware and major appliances brand. It is market leader in the pressure cooking sector; its cookware is sold at major retailers nationwide.

  • Dec 12th     Foodie Gift #12

Oxo Spatulas & Turners! A cook’s dream is to decide which spatula in their arsenal will work best at the moment! Every kind and style of well designed spatula from Oxo has a purpose. Buy several and tie a big bow around them!

OXO – Tools you hold on to – Spatulas & Turners
Spatulas & Turners
  • Dec 13th     Foodie Gift #13
Sea Salt Blends from Coastal Goods! Famed cookbook author, Sarah Leah Chase, has created flavor profiles of salts and peppers based on her extensive gastronomic travels. Sarah brings a world of intense flavors to the kitchen of the chef on your Holiday List!
Coastal Goods :: Products :: Sarah’s Sea Salt
  • Dec 14th     Foodie Gift #14
Seasoned 12″ Lodge Cast Iron Skillet! There is no kitchen that should be without one! I use mine so often it rarely gets put away, instead resting on my stove top waiting for its next food venture. Lodge has been making quality cast iron products for over one hundred years!
12-inch Skillet
Everyone from Martha Stewart to Campfire Cook Johnny Nix considers Lodge Foundry Seasoned Cast Iron Skillets essential cooking tools.
  • Dec 15th     Foodie Gift #15

Puckers Gourmet Pickles!  Pickle Lover on your list? Handcrafted & hand packed in rural Washington County, NY, these pickles are amazing! Give one of each Half Sour Garlic, Dilly Sweet, Super Garlic Sour & Habanero Fire Sour.

Pickled Delectables! – Puckers Gourmet
  • Dec 16th     Foodie Gift #16
Foodie Fight or Wine Wars Trivia Games for Serious Foodies by Joyce Lock! These games are very fun and allow you to strut your culinary prowess. These games are intelligent and cover a wide span of culinary and/or wine topics. Rave reviews everywhere and I will add mine… Great game!

  • Dec 17th     Foodie Gift #17
Vermont Salumi! This season ignore the usual mass produced sausage baskets and give the gift of craftsmanship. Making unbelievably delicious, fine Salumi, founder Peter Colman, combined his years of apprenticeships in his native Italy with Vermont’s agricultural landscape to create “The cure for the common meat”. Pasture raised, hormone and antibiotic free the sausages are produced in small batches. Choices are the Daily Grind, the Roma, the Benito and lastly, Great Expectations which is the classic pub style English banger.

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