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A Shared Company Holiday Party?!

Have you ever wondered how you are the last one to hear about something that everyone else seems to know about?!  Well, that is exactly what the concept of a Shared Company Holiday Party is all about.  How is it that this concept is so insanely popular in England, our country’s closest relation, but it is rare to find someone here in the U.S. who has heard of it?  Well, it’s our job as a cutting edge caterer to learn about these things.  Not only have we learned all about them but we were so impressed that we decided to be a part of the birth of the concept here in the U.S.  

So….. we are officially announcing our Rock The Holidays Extravaganza!!  It will be held at the beautiful Canfield Casino on December 11th.  The Canfield is very excited to play a part.  We will offer over-the-top foods and décor.  If you’ve ever been to a BDC (Black Diamond Caterers) event you know you will be fed amazing food and lots of it.   

What exactly is a Shared Holiday Party?  It follows the concept that businesses, corporations and companies like to have holiday parties not to actually celebrate but more to release and create energy, extend gratitude to employees, offer a time for reflections and relationships as well as give a unique opportunity to socially network with peers from other forward-thinking and motivated companies.  

The age of the not-so-looked-forward-to and often awkward holiday party in the back room or the tight quartered restaurant with Muzac is over.  It is no longer the unending and unappreciated responsibility of one person to organize the holiday party.  We are offering a way out, a revolution for change in this new century and for a new way of thinking.  

It is as simple as:

1.      Buy the tickets

2.      Attend

3.      And we’ll do this step for you…. a portion of each ticket bought will be allotted to non-profits supporting children’s needs.  These will be announced soon.  So you can all go and feel good about it too.

If you were in England you, as a business, would have the choice of an endless list of parties to buy tickets to all through December and in every city and town.  For the 2009 season for example, there is currently advertised a James Bond themed party, a Comedy Club theme, an Arabian Nights theme, a Motown, a Big Band, a Masked Venetian Ball, a Disco theme, a Las Vegas theme, an ABBA theme…… you get the idea.  It’s huge.  These parties are attended by hundreds to thousands depending on the venue size.  It is the rage to book early and get into the best party in town.  

Well……………. WE WILL HAVE THE BEST PARTY IN TOWN!  BDC will be transforming the Canfield Casino’s parlor and ballroom into a winter wonderland.  The entertainment will be the amazing live band The Lustre Kings who have played a few times at WAMC’s The Linda as well as venues across the country.  They will fill the room with electric energy riding along their music of bluesy (is that a word?) rock and roll or in their words “preaching the rockabilly gospel”.  You will see blue suede shoes and pompadours.  If you’re not eating, which will be hard not to do, you will be dancing! 

There will be lots of cocktail tables and some seating but we expect everyone to be milling about dancing or eating at the many exquisite food stations I will be creating.  We will offer a coat and purse check complete with a security person.  For a the menu go to Rock the Holidays Extravaganza!  I have to admit the menu does not do the food justice.  Let me just say this event will be a diner’s delight.  

The ticket price will climb as the date draws nearer so I encourage you to talk it over, commit to making a change for the better and buy the tickets.  Viva la révolution!  


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