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Sushi on WNYT

On Thursday, January 10, I will be on the Channel 13 (WNYT) Noon News once again.  This time I will be teaching how to make sushi for entertaining.  Sushi is so good and so fun and so beautiful that it’s hard to not love it.  And let me add you don’t have to use any raw seafood or eel or octopus or caviars.  But if you like it then by all means ADD IT!

Check out the recipe I posted on the WNYT website here.  It’s listed under the “Let’s Eat” catagory and will not be posted until 1/10:

If you have questions…….just ask!

Make your sushi about an hour before your guests arrive or if you want to add fun to your party you could wait and involve your guests in the sushi making. 

Decorate your table and counter tops with bamboo in vases.  Display your sushi on beautiful Japanese platters with small Japanese plates for each of your guests.  Add gorgeous chopsticks and you have a fun party.

Go to a good wine store and purchase a nice sake to go with your sushi.  I once participated in a sake tasting.  I have never been a big fan but when I tasted the different brands I could not believe how great a good sake could be.  Do some research, go to a store you trust and serve a great sake with your sushi.  When dealing with Sushi and Sake think quality. 

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