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Gifts for the chef in your life (even if it’s you)

I am constantly adding “I wants” to a physical list and a mental list.  Just to give you an idea of the kind of things I might want I selected a couple to show you.  Understand, these are cutting edge and when you hear of them in a year or so, remember you heard it here first! 

The first is a table top smoker.  Now, I know what you’re thinking and this is not that kind of smoker.  It will add aromas to a dining area or add a smoke flavor to mildly cooked foods such as is done in a sous vide method.  Check this out…..

This one is not even available in the US yet.  It’s in Japan but it is so cool and so impressive to a few chefs in this country that I know we’ll be seeing the technology being used here in hip, urban restaurants soon.  Here’s an explanation of what you’ll see because the website I’m sending you to will be in Japanese but watch the video it displays.  This is a segment from a professional chef’s website that explains what you’re about to see (Seiji Yamamoto is on the rise in chef stardom) ……………………….

” Seiji Yamamoto of Ryugin in Tokyo blew our minds with a lemon verbena and mint iced tea at the International Chefs Congress: as he poured the liquid into the chilled cocktail glass, it turned to slush at room temperature. It didn’t make sense until he explained the “Magiquoal” refrigerator, an insulator that has the technology to keep liquids liquid even at below-freezing temperatures. Once agitated, or even poured, the liquid turns into a solid – except it’s not really solid, it’s a “freezy”……”

So what do you buy the cook in your life?  Ok, possibly not either of those two items but……. 

Good knives are always on the top of lists.  Just a note, be sure the handler of these knives has had them in their hands and has really enjoyed the feel and ease of motion the knife offers.  There are many professional knives that don’t feel right in my hand.  When I find one that fits I buy it!

Whisks are also a great benefit to cooks.  Get them an assortment of 4 or 5 types and sizes.  There are piano or balloon whisks.  There are the classic French whisks.  There are skillet whisks.  There are coated whisks to use in teflon pans.  All of these come in various sizes and sturdiness.  I could not live without all my different whisks.  They are part of the foundation of good cooking.  Go to a good kitchen store to check them out or see some of them here………………

And what about pot holders?  Who invented some of these things I see in stores?  Go for utility over looks!  I almost go into mourning when a set of excellent pot holders become worn beyond usefulness and I have to throw them out.  Here are a pair of my favorite.

Happy Cooking everyone!!!

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