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New York Wedding Affair at Universal Preservation Hall

If you haven’t heard of Well Wed Magazine you are probably not in the market for a wedding.  But if you were…… would definitely want this magazine.  It is a perfect size, it has high quality photos, great articles, lots of suggestions and unlike most bridal magazines it is not 90% ads.  It focusses on Eastern Upstate NY which is very nice.  Here is the website to get one or you can pick one up at many local bookstores.

Why do I bring  this up?  Because on Saturday, tomorrow January 19th, they are at Universal Preservation Hall in downtown Saratoga Springs with a bridal show called New York Wedding Affair.  We will be at this show and we expect it will be a very nice day for everyone attending.  There has been a lot of thought and care put into this show to benefit the bride and groom in as many ways possible. 

And if you haven’t checked out Universal Preservation Hall you absolutely must.  It’s a large, beautiful, old cathedral church that many people have vested in over a number of years to save it from a bleak future.  A large wedding could not find a better venue.

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