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Chef Heidi

Chef Heidi    |    Weddings

“When the apple is ripe, it will fall”

I recently had the immense pleasure of biting into Chef Heidi’s freshly baked apple crisp, and as expected, I was blown away by the perfect balance of tart to sweet, the buttery crusty crumbly top, and the soft apples that seemed to just melt in my mouth. I have not been able to think of any other dessert since then….hence my blog entry today. It is quite fitting, seeing as I am working on some of our fall weddings.

Apples can be used creatively in so many ways, both in the design of your menu, and the design of your decor. If you are going to use apples in some way, I say go all the way! Base your cocktail hour, guest favors, cake design, and centerpieces on this wonderful fruit that just happen to be in their prime come September and October.

Start out with your table scape, and incorporate apples in your floral centerpieces. Keep in subtle. The bright green or red from the apple will add a pop of color. Set up your place cards on your escort table, and have each guests name and table number tied to an apple with a piece of twine. Rather than your typical “Mr” and Mrs” chair sashes, have a string of apples hang at the back of yours and your grooms chairs with “Mr” and “Mrs” etched into the apples.

For dessert, rather than having a cake, think about a freshly baked pie, cobbler and crisp station. Nothing quite beats the comfort of a freshly baked apple pie on a cool fall night. I absolutely adore the idea of having a tiered mini pie display. Make sure to label each pie, and have a selection available for your guests. Pair any of these with ice cream or whipped cream, and you are sure to have a happy group. For a midnight snack, bring out a fresh apple cider station and have hollowed out apples serve as the glasses. Pair the cider with donuts, or even a candy apple bar. Candied apples can also make a great guest favor. Wrap each one in cellophane, and have them displayed on stacks of hay for your guests to take as they leave.

I could go on and on about my love for apples. They simply are the perfect fruit, and I encourage all your fall brides out there to think about them creatively as your work on the design of your big day.

Happy Planning!

- Sarah 

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