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Black Diamond Caterers currently offers a variety of Conference and Convention services for discriminating corporate groups.
Our services are tailored meet your exact needs. We will make certain that your event is perfect down to the very last detail. Our personal and attentive service is guaranteed. Black Diamond Caterers has perfected food services that are on time and on budget. A successful corporate relationship with Black Diamond Caterers brings excellence, flexibility and innovation to your high-powered corporate events.

Masie Center
Masie Center Elliot and Cathy Masie, owners of the Masie Center, market their business as a technological think tank dedicated to working with organizations from around the world who want to be educated, challenged, and assisted in the implementation of cutting edge computer technology into their work fields. What better place to hold these think tank discussions than in Saratoga Springs, home of Health, History and Horses. The Masie Center hosts organizations from around the world and around our region as well, and Black Diamond Caterers is always there to serve up lots of great food and to see that no one ever leaves hungry...a goal that we take very seriously, right down to the take-home goodie bag which is prepared for each and every guest.
BBL Construction
BBL Construction The engines at the Malta Speedway roared and the dust was thick but not as thick as the smoke coming off from our five-foot charcoal grills loaded up with lots of great Adirondack BBQ. The angus burgers, natural casing dogs, and chicken halves were just about ready when the dirt track fans arrived for there seasonal employee day at the races. They sported their favorite sunglasses, NASCAR hats, some wore shorts, some wore sandals, but it didn't matter because right now they all had one thing on their mind...the power of the noise! As the races started, the noise becomes deafening and the crowd runs to see the drop of the green flag...and there they go...dirt, noise, and the smell of gasoline. What a great way to spend a hot summer night with a cold beer, some really great friends and a lot of BBQ! This year we head to Fonda speedway with this group. Can't wait for the excitement!
The Hyde Collection
The Hyde Collection A cultural treasure located in Glens Falls, NY, the Hyde Collection is alive and well and is waiting for you to seek out its treasures. This local museum has a permanent collection of works rivaled only by the larger metropolitan museums. As a part of our ongoing commitment to support the arts, Black Diamond Caterers has established an exclusive relationship with the museum, and as a result we have developed several new fund raising programs designed to assist the Hyde financially. One such event is "The Taste of Art..a wine and food experience". In its fourth year the event will draw nearly 300 people looking to savor an evening of wine, food, and music. Held in October it proves to be another successful event in a long string of Hyde entertaining done with style! Hope to see you there.
Lionel Operating Train Society
Lionel Operating Train Society This organization of train enthusiast knows how to work hard and play hard as they pursue their hobby of collecting, restoring and running their trains. The area is rich with train lore and what could make the area more enticing than a miniature steam train group, Adirondack Live Steam RR, dedicated to preserving small scale fully operational steam trains. These trains are capable of carrying full sized passengers, as they chug chug chug around a full layout containing multiple tracks, tunnels, trestles and of course a water tower. Add some really great BBQ food, sunshine, plenty of pine scented fresh air and you have a unique Adirondack destination meeting. At the end of the day most were covered in soot as a memento of a day spent pursuing the dreams of a child.

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